Your favourite celebrity ? or a projection by media ?


Your favourite celebrity ? or a projection by media ?

written on 2021-08-16 by SAURABH JADHAV | writing

Hey, I am Saurabh and today I'm back with a story, a story of perception and our reaction in todays world of media, when I open my note editor, me and my sister Sanchita was having thoughtful conversation about a topic which I'm going to convey in form of a story and you are free to have your own perception of story and I will try to minimize my own interpretation to be added to this story and this story of work of fiction :sweat_smile:, coming randomly by myself.


So this is a story of young girl who is in her teen age and completing school, her daily life is simple as girls of her age. She is good at academics but as she have interest in various arts like dancing, acting etc. Her time is usually spend while watching movies of her favourite actresses. She admire and always try to mimic them she found herself watching interviews of this actress, admiring her praising her simply lifestyle, her work her roles and via understanding her ethics and attitude and she love her too much.

She although admire her alot but after few years in college days she got her own mobile and she was open for bigger media coverage and platforms, now she can look at various aspects of world thorugh her pocket and she was blessed when she knows she can know her fav actress more, as she can follow her her day to day updates and more and more closer understanding of her.


She admires more of her films, songs mimicking and now she was so closer to her due to internet, it continues for several years, and after that other side of media start to unveils. Media started showing a different aspect of actress and other fav actresses of her. Now she was opposing this views of media and started blaming authenticity of the news and reports about all false claims about the news and anything opposing to her favourite star.

The thing was always arguable was this was same media who was portraying a same people as goddesses, noble and prasing them and now same media was disproving the old points. The harsh thing she wasnt able to digest is the time of her admiration of actress before there was some incidents and news and claims about actresses that the girl was not liking it.

The girl was now thinking what was true? the old version which was shown or the version which is shown today?

Another year pass, a new set of movies came and media showed good side of the actresses girl watch them and she was having a neutral reaction on it.

Now this girl have understand one thing none of them is true, the false is the source, whatever is the source, can she know the truth? who will say the truth, the same mouth which was lying before? why this odd-even ways of showing news?


Girl understand that having either positive or negative reaction on it is worthless, either she will be angry or even if she praise the character or actresses or actor depending on news will be a un-sensible, cause whatever material-data or form of information coming-reaching to us is not a truth but a altered version of data which can create propoganda, masala/spice, economical benefit, political benefit or rivot all that things revolves around many things so as a viewer- and a reader we are never aware of and irrespctive of our understanding it is shown to us this is the final truth, and based on that we conclude our objective on a situation or celebrity our liking/disliking our views our admiration-prasing or hate and this is all based on or will ever be based on false information. To having opinion of some topic we should have experienced or known the real truth about a person or a situation or else we are just making a chain of false reaction on fake prapoganda.

Lets meet in another blog, meet you soon.