My experience of first dose of vaccine (covishield)


My experience of first dose of vaccine (covishield)

written on 2021-08-17 by SAURABH JADHAV | experience

Hey,I' m Saurabh sharing my experience of covishield vaccine 1st dose.

So as fool as I'm when vaccine was easily available through online and i was having a tools to book a slot automatically, I underestimate the importance of it and blame it its fake and blah blah.....

Today from 3-4 weeks my mom is trying to get vaccine for myself, as of now all online portals in my area is closed for booking slot, the way to get your dose is to wake up at 4 and stand in queue but if your unlucky there is chance there is no vaccine day.

Vaccine day

So as of every other day my mom and sis were in queue turn my turn if my mom come home for making me lunch then my sis will be in the queue, and at 3pm I got call, that she got a token for myself, I was working and she told me she will tell me that if another queue of vaccine is becoming shorter so, i got some half and hour and then i reached the vaccination center.

There was a very long queue outside of the vaccination center, and my mom was standing there and she brings me in that I dont have to stand sis, mom reserved sit for myself and still around 2+ hours of sitting and waiting I enter into vaccination center room, as My cloth was little tight although I thought it is loose then i remove it and took vaccine, I very scared to injections but this time already i was trained with 6 injections 3 months back due to dog bite. Now my mom was taking a picture of me and she by mistake created a video, the health nurse who was giving dose was known to us, she came again with injection and stand as she is injecting me and I was thinking am I getting second dose? haaha, she was just showing it again so mom can take a better picture of me!

So after coming out at selfie-spot of vaccinated I took a picture again and my sis too, its 11:56pm now and I' havent feel any bad there is little pain in my hand and I feel like I will get fever by night cause Im feeling a but cold as of now but its not so much, so I complted few tasks at 10 of work if by mistake or any case I have to take leave for tomorrow then I shoudn't slip anymore tasks.


I will take medicines and sleep now and will edit the remaining blog at end of tomorrow for update of experience.

Next day

As it was better feeling on day of vaccine next day was terrible, first when I was waking up head was like hitting nails on head, and in reality there was contruction work just our neighour house and we share same wall seperating both house and that damn hell out off noise was fucking me too!

The head ache and within a hour I realize my body was heating like a oven, my sleep was not good though so I spent my whole day only sleeping, there was no energy for anything, I didnt open my kindle too, I didnt given my master's exam also, and my body was started paining.

I realize vaccine have some timebomb in it, just after 12 hours a bomb will blast in different areas of body head, legs, hands and yes that pain where injection was given although it was not that painful have immune to pain of injections now :laughing: , although I have kept one thing in mind, just keep drinking :wine_glass: , no I mean, water. So cold and all day surrounded by blankets, In morning I took a leave for office, day goes by slept, mind was inbalanced, actually I was not able to think at all, my balance was gone my walk my posture my language speaking wass all terrible/inbalance, this may due to whenever I get ill it directly affects my brain badly I cant use it all, I cant comprehend anything, I say anything which may not make sense, I cant make formation of sentence with any words so I always choose to keep quite not going out ofcourse for rest and not any trouble and no decisions in this situations.

In evening I understand after taking crocin's, dolo it is not helping me anymore and even if I rest another day to I may not be recovered, I ask mom to go for homeopathy medicines, as I went took medicines althiugh at time not much effective but yes in 24 hrs I was sure I will be ok, So for now situation was worst, I was shivering my bedshits were all dry with water dwelling from my body my mom did sponging and all still after some time my body getting heater and heater even on cover of blanket its hot, I slept early.

OOhf, ... yes

4:30am I woke up my body was so hot and by stomach was like a blackhole I wass trying to looking for something I went into kitchen, as I didnt eat much there were lot of bhajiyaas and chili chutney I ate them all still hungry and everything wass tasted so bittter that I wasnt able to eat still I ate i thought maybe not made properly [It was due to fever my taste was changed] then mom saw me what Im doing in dark she told me there is dal and rice also turn on lights, I make it hot and I was so happy after eating by 5 am, although I was ignoring my headache badly, now my hunger was gone, I again put lots of balm and vaccine eat many sweet tablets of homeopathy also wrote a sick leave for day, and I slept again.

I worke up at 11 am ate something and in afternoon but my balance was really out of center my fever was going down is what i was feeling but mom told not yet, the body pain started to decrease head pain was constant I rested and evening my fever was low although it was going high and low, I slept I didnt wrote this blog on that day too, I complted this 2 of the blog on next day Or Im writing on next day. I eat lots of medicines of homeopathy as it was sweet and eat lots of food and slept


next day I was fine, although I have little fever but thats ok, that was my experience of covid vaccine . See you in next blog.