Is Ignorance is God?


Is Ignorance is God?

written on 2021-08-14 by SAURABH JADHAV | philosophy

Hey, this is saurabh and today i will be reflecting on topic which is discussed, debated all around world and never ending, the idea of god, but I will not put any new theory and I don't want to start a new concept but i do want to add just some questions either that can lead us to god or away from idea of it.


So lets start by history, It is mentioned that when in origin of modern worlds man the human which was capable of thinking called sapiens, started agriculture, living and all for his good life and when he doesn't find answer to questions like why sometimes rain comes, from where it falls whats the source, why in night darkness covers the jungle, who is governing this, why this thing happening when this sapien was getting curious then the way to answer his question was there is some force behind this and to name this force lets say the origin of god.

So god means different to different kind of person belonging to geographical locations, the culture they are living in, kind of upbringing happens to them and upbriging of them and their own set of experiences and contemplation's based on them.

Origin Belief- Ignorance

But If I want to sum up definition of God I will say "God as a governing power who rules, control the things we don't know as of now how this happening - whose the source/reason/action is unknown".

If you agree to above statement we can highlight on "One who controls that we don't know as of now how this is happening". So why this "as of now" matters, So lets talk on something which is known for today then we can move towards unknown.

Eg: Historic Man Belief: the origin of thunderstorms and rain is due to thunder/sky gods anger

Todays Reason in laymans Language: evaporation of sea -> clouds -> rain -> friction of denser clouds -> thunderstorm

Basically man started answering the evolving questioning mind of himself with reasoning of magical powers or unknown or god.

Whatever it is not known he answered, after comes the omens, bad omens good omens, This is lucky or this is unlucky mind was evolving and asking questions man was not ready for amount of curiosity as answers were not already written somewhere questions were arousing man divided in seek for knowledge and here comes the two approaches a rational logical mind and another is intutive mind.

Intuitive Mind and Rational Mind

Intuitive mind was having a history as his intutions of there is some power this omen was supported by historical incidents. Rational Mind was like asking why to every answer coming to question.

Intutive mind stops when unknown comes and do surrender is there harm ? maybe.

Rational mind never keeps in steady state unless it satify his/her rational mind, it perfect? as its proportion of satisfaction of answer is directly proportional to amount of knowledge present in that era and how that human have pereive it and his/her level of perception -> so yes maybe.

Whats the main Question?

As existence of god was to give answer about something unknown, but *In every time period in every century rational mind is coming closer to unknown to known. * The rate of speed of evolving looks slow cause the way inutive mind can answer lifes most hardest question rational mind can not answer as of now, but we cant predict the rate of speed of what unknown will be known someday in future.

So the ultimate Question:

"If unknown is known , if reasons are satisfying to all individual rational mind to every emerging question then the existence of term god will be needed?"

Is our lack of knowledge or ignore is the only blank space thats why we require concept of god?

am I athiest? or m I beleiver ? it doesnt matter lets meet in next blog, I wish we all move one step closer to unknown to known.