Birthday Poetry


Birthday Poetry

written on 2020-11-21 by SAURABH JADHAV | philosophy

Birthday The day we born, till day we will die Lies a journey And in between Every year on each special day On which we born, We celebrate it We Called it birthday.

The 2 perspectives exists One we are growing each year, Another is we are getting close to death. Acceptance should be in both, But we should live With absence of gone and coming time, And settle ourselves with now, Cause whatever future or Ur timeline is It’s uncertain.

Although every birthday Makes us remind us the day We were born , And put the question Infront of us , Why we were born? Why I was born? What’s my purpose in life?

Yes we do have, Purposes , But subconsciously all the so called, Purposes, missions we want to achieve Are collected through society,parents,world, And we believed it and we strive hard to Achieve it, But is that real purpose?

Is material things,are my purpose? If it is all mortal, and I’m mortal Then why creator created me, Myself, To born a mortal life , spending in-between To strive for mortal, material things And the end!

But wait, What is mortal ,material world I am talking about? Oh money,house,fame(means my ego should be sparkling Infront of others who does not know themselves too), All these is created by humans only, We created for means of our own benefits

So things which were only to make Life easy to live, Are the things which have become our purpose? How? And why? The purpose we are following today is Not a creators purpose it’s just for ease of life, And we called it life, So u must have realised, We are in total dark,not realising a difference Between life’s necessity and life itself.

Of course yes,food ,shelter clothes ( can be extended more with limit of our limitless greed) Are important for living! But where’s the living,today, We have lost living in process of making living easy,

So if you have read this much,and have felt the words, Now u should have carried a question with You too, A question of purpose, You know what, This post was not to give you any answer, Cause nor I know what my purpose is, And can’t say your too!

My job was just to make you Reach to the most important question, And as I’m on my journey to Find my ultimate purpose, I wish you should also start your own journey,

Just one warning don’t let any other person Define your purpose or tell you your purpose, Cause today’s biggest problems is We ask for who am I,to the person Who don’t even know themselves!

You can have a timeline from Birth to death with all material things, But with purpose you can have Life ,a real living life beyond this timeline As rumi said,”what you are seeking is , seeking you too”. Have a good day and great journey of Finding a ultimate purpose!