25th July- Turning Point of My life


25th July- Turning Point of My life

written on 2020-07-25 by SAURABH JADHAV | writing

Today 25 th July , Exact 3 years ago, I joined J.M.Patel college in 2017, & It brings out as best decision of my life Which was taken not by me but my mom & universal energy. It was all spontaneous,at first I was in such point of life where everything was crashing down, hope, future & dreams all went into ashes and what I lost was trust, Suddenly mumma grabbed me & carried me to college for admission on 24th all process done in some hours and on 25th at 7:15am I’m here sitting in my classroom of the college who made me ,shape me and reform into valuable.

Each and every scene of each day is still unforgettable,each and every moment is still in my mind and lived by heart. It was like every thing was working to build me ,one by one each & every piece was falling at right place.

The role of teachers throughout this journey was phenomenon ,and most valuable thing I got is there trust and belief in me , Putting all the knowledge needed into me, Stopping me where should I stop, changing my directions in right way and as always when I was lost & lacking confidence showing me who I am and what I can do with guidance.

In one line love for my teachers- “My strength was nothing but your belief in me”.

Saurabh Jadhav

Funny,crazy,creepy & awesome that’s what friends I got , space to shared my happiness, Hand to ask for in darkness,we loved, we laughed,we cried for each other ,we supported each other, became psychologist,love guru,prank partner for each other and even with all the misunderstandings, in-similarities ,quarrels & some separation we are still together That’s my gems of life my friends.

In one line- “The key to bond of our friendship is mutual understandings.” Saurabh Jadhav

Hey universe you are awesome director, writer, screenplay writer and all kudos I always doubted your direction but these 3 years you wrote way better than I can ever imagine, all the ups and downs was not understandable at that time I questioned you,I cursed you but later finally believe in you and yes I know the story beautiful blend of sadness and happyness and collective unforgettable moments.

In one line- “*I show trust in you universe and you never let me feel down.*

It’s all started from 25th July first page of my story with 3 years of timeline book,first scene of my 3 years long awesome film. I love the movie now new movie will be started with new scenes ,new story,new page But these 94,694,400 seconds 1,578,240 minutes 26,304 hours 1096 days ,pages of my life are most valuable & inseparable in my heart.

Saurabh Jadhav

I just want to thanks universe and each and every person who played role In my life throughout this time, my family,my friends,my teachers and many more.

The story was nothing without you all & I can’t even imagine it and don’t even wish to.

Thank you.