wanted to talk with someone


wanted to talk with someone

written on 2021-6-21 by SAURABH JADHAV | poetry

was in chaos of different thoughts,

and was lost deep down in muddle of mixed feelings,

I wished to come out,

my every movement, action of thoughts

just dwell me

wanted to talk with someone

I open my whatsapp, Even with hundreds of contacts

I felt no-one to express this, what I feel no one to understand this,

loads of friends with type- memes share, gossipers,Intention oriented

They are not bad they are good but at this point, not a fit for me,

still wanted to talk with someone

feelings were strong hard this time they hold my chest

stopped my time, no way for me to escape

now I know my search for talk with someone is hollow

but my heart still wanted to get understood

wanted to talk with someone

closed all doors made it all dark,

just window was open I was staring & rain falls

It was silence some music and rains falls music now,

Now I was only having me to talk,

wanted to talk with who was left

One who left was only me, withought conscious thought

I spoke, I felt there was no gap,

The clouds and muddle which drowned me

Started disappearing, writing this looks beautiful

But reality is daring

I was seeing a naked truths

As it is, What can I do I said,

It happend It happend,

What is happening is happening,

what will happen will happen

the knots you have is of

yesterday you were trying to change yesterday,

You were trying to change truth with your expected reality

and by banishing imaginative reality into real reality

You have made it messy ,

Now you have miseryful yesterday and present with guilts

What I can do

I have fooled me and I took actions in foolishness

I fight to prove foolish actions

was thinking its a parallel line to reality

but my path was to hell,

and I cant accept that, so I fooled me again

and again walked the same path of hell with hope of heaven.

Do I wanted to talk with someone?

  • Saurabh Jadhav