Scribbled Uncertainty


Scribbled Uncertainty

written on 2021-08-09 by SAURABH JADHAV | writing

Scribbled Uncertainty

umm, Hey this is Saurabh Jadhav again, today I will like to share just some thoughts of mine with some questions I will not be sharing a tip today though but yes if you find something you can learn from my experience or my perception of experience I will be happy.

So morning lazy, itchy comes with 2 thoughts either yeah Im excited for day or Im dull for today. You took a habit with I will be happy today, you took a choice a great choice, things are getting unfolding but though past things rollbacks, some present things take bad curve there's something I will say no fruits to your deeds.

It happens you are sad, you are happy its like if a coin have happy and sad coin at each side then this coin for this day is constantly flipping and one who is experiencing it which is you is in terrible differnt kind of emotions neither you enjoy happiness or sadness cause sadness comes as a towel but happyness make you feel it have some hidden sadness in it.

There comes hidden fearfulness to living life to smile again, cause you can see patterns of negativity, you see no reason to smile you are seeing layer of sadness which is not there but you know it will be always there.

Uncertainty is of sadness brings you sadness in happyness too but then really why to get happy in happy moments too? How can you smile if you know sadness is the only truth, If you know what you are is just made of insufficient things, You see in mirror in surrounding and your eyes telling what you lack.

Suddenly everything turn into a atmosphere like a dark clouds not floating but covering the sky with darkness in mid day and darkness and kind of pungent smell all over and in days of sun too there is no ray of light, you are feeling like you are the moon and theres no sun to light you now and as you dont have any light of yours, you are no match to this world, You are in wrong place, at wrong time, with wrong family and everything is just for no reason,

and and you start questioning your existence, and you think of .....?

you dont understand but you say to yourself,

"hey, Saurabh this is life , yes this sadness this is life this will never end, but do remember you have experinced happyness that will mever end too.Sadness and happpyness maybe both are best friends they share everything with themeselves equally, we accept or we like only happyness we do ignore hate it but happyness is also best friend of sadness he will split everything, this is story of greatest friendship between them, we think we are center of this world we are superheroes but this friendship is main characters of life. ofcourse what is happeneing to you is just Experience, and what is in control of you is reaction, how you react, See Im not telling sadness will stop, even If I say happyness will stop/end one day that will be wrong , So just live your life at every point as how you react not what you is happening with you that is uncertainty, choose how you react to anything and that is your life, your reaction to situation is the only life to you that is only in your control not in friendship of sadness and happyness. they are beautifully playing their characters they will play forever you play your character forever, again remember your character is how you react thast it nothing else and that is the life that should matters to you write it down make a movie out of it do anthing but it will be always about your reaction rather than situation or uncertainty."

meet you in next blog.