Humans Poetry - from I have Scribbled your feelings


Humans Poetry - from I have Scribbled your feelings

written on 2021-06-14 by SAURABH JADHAV | writing

Humans Poetry from I have Scribbled your feelings

What we do nowadays? what we are filled with ? what we hide ? from who we hide?

I am sharing an excerpt from my Book “I have Scribbled your feelings.”

Why so restless?

Tired of being tired,

Why looking for entertainment?

To pass some time,

Why looking for company?

To get away from yourself,

Why to needing chat with someone?

To stop inner chatting,

Why using all these masks?

To hide the real face.

  • Saurabh Jadhav (“I have Scribbled Your Feelings”)

While travelling I met many people in out I see many faces people smiling, dancing

but all looks like for sake of acting.

But yes I'm not against it we are living in society we cant act totally as we are in front of everyone,

we cant say whatever we have in our mind as it is we have to respect everyone and limitations.

So What's my concern?

We do lie to ourselves, and by doing this same lying for years we forgot us!

We now don't know what is our real attitude or face,

The layers upon layers and layers but what is core???


We are now restless,

They say actor should dwell in character to make the written character alive but after acting strong the

character get stick to actors it affects actors personal life there are many situations of this but it have happened to all of us.

What we keep on saying with mouth to outer worlds it travels inner way and with-ought realizing we changed and It will take forever to find us and darkness of not knowing what we lost is greatest tragedy.

Thank you, Keep reading and go on search of truth.