Do you choose your actions?


Do you choose your actions?

written on 2021-08-15 by SAURABH JADHAV | productivity

Hey, This is Saurabh Jadhav again today we will be talking about what we do, and how we end up doing things we didnt plan and I will ask you if it was really your choice or it just happens withought your will.


So I see everyone dealing with one common problem "They are not able to do what they are planning and they end up doing something else", this people or maybe you and I think that we are not controlling anything and we end up in situation basically not in favour of us and we felt depressed and feel helpless why this happens and blame other or a situation and state as this was out of our hand.

But this is not a case always not all the cases are something out of hands you do most of your life making conscious and unconcious choices that leads to current situation, so its not a accident you are reading this blog. Its your choice, Either you come by recommendation or some search of article on topic or trying to discover more of myself.


I was in second year of my college It was month of January and I was dealing with same problem I discussed, I wanted to do lot of things and I was end up doing something I dont need to do,wasting time on some chat with friends, romaing around with no doing at all, at that time I was not able to figure out whats happening.

I decided to go and meet psychologist in our college, I do went with couple of some problems more and I describe her all about it. She asked me that," So what happens with you is just happend with you, you are not responible for it?" , "Yes", I replied. She asked me,"Who come with decision of meeting in 2nd floor of opposite library in psyschology room?", "Me",I replied. She asked me,"So you admit you think of this decision, thought appears and on that you acted on, ofcourse there were many things may come in your mind but you focus on this thought, and take hard decision of coming into this building taking decision of climbing stairs and specially your time, isnt that wass something you were controlling it, or was somebody else was forcing you?"

After her questions my egoist mind was saying me its whatever ignore it, but yes I did agreed on that it was rational and my rational mind was not able to contradict it or oppose.

I would like to thank her again today.

Thought, Follower of Thought and Action

As you are already aware of a average mind have 50,000 -60,000 thoughts each day [anxious mind is really on very different level, my prayers for you always], So this each thought is origin of action you are doing now or will done in future. A each thought which get evolve, which grows which we support most of ~thousands of thought take form of action.

We have to understand How we choose thoughts, thought on which another thought comes to support which stayed in mind for longer period, do remember each thought is energy and when one thought support another one we increased its energy and then we support thoughts by doing contemplation on it and withing few minutes hundreds of thoughts make a bundle of thoughts.

Now this range of thoughts we support, join to become a firm decision. The decision is nothing but a thought we choose to support it by a action. Either by any intention by anytime , we again thought with strong will to act on it we make a decison.

Unconscious Process

Most of above process happens withought a constant awareness and unconsciously this decisions always running behind our head. The selection process depends on situation, urgency and our history of previous choices of how we choose or made a decison in past similary type of situation. Thats I suggest to think and pause and think cause mind look for old pattern to solve some solution but sometimes its not effective so we should look for new solution and make mind to think more. But yes the point of this topic is the selection is all about how you trained your mind before. As well as physical habits matter, mental habits matter alot too.

Now You answer my question, "Do you choose your actions?"