The Little Buddha: Finding Happiness

Notes & Highlights

The Little Buddha: Finding Happiness

‘there are certain things in life that you can’t change, no matter how much you wish you could. You simply have to accept them the way they are. There are things you can change, and this is where you should concentrate your energy.

‘Sometimes you simply have to find the courage to take the first step.’ To choose a direction. To make a decision. And then to stop thinking and simply start doing.

Knowledge is relative. How you receive it always depends on the situation.’

‘All you have to do is approach the new situation with an open mind. Be curious, and show respect to all people that you meet. And trust, because everything will unfold as it should.’

‘And always remember: Travel the world with open ears so that you hear what life wants to tell you.’

‘You know, I don’t believe in luck—neither good nor bad. I think you always find what you are looking for.’

If you do something that you don’t really want to be doing, it is very difficult to be successful at it.’

‘Because people feel attracted to somebody who is happy. I think it is human nature. You always try to go where there is a chance of encountering happiness.’

‘That I am happy because every day I do a little bit of something that I enjoy.’

‘So what do you do when someone comes to you with a specific problem? Do you use some magic and make the problem disappear?’ ‘No, I can’t do that,’ the witch answered with a laugh. ‘That wouldn’t be good either. After all, you don’t go through bad times for no reason.’

Good advice will only help you once you’ve put it into practice.

‘There is always time. What matters is what you do with it.’

The question always is what is more important, in any given moment. Certain problems you simply cannot avoid, and so you can only allow them to happen as they do.’

‘They too need a lot of time to grow. You know, every person grows with experience, and it takes time to gain this experience. Therefore we should be patient with people too. We should always be willing to wait until the full potential of each and every one of us unfolds; until we all become our own majestic trees.’

How easy it was to make life complicated. And how difficult it could be to simply be happy!

‘The unknown always causes more fear than the known, and because of this, change is never easy.’

‘How you perceive a situation depends on which side of the coin you are looking at.’

‘Instead of regarding your situation as a problem that worries you, why don’t you look at it as a possibility that gives you hope?’

‘I think in order to stay happy while growing old, you have to keep moving your body, mind and heart like a river that never stops flowing.

‘If you want to grow old happily,’ the old man said with a calm voice, ‘you must never ever stop dreaming.’

‘Because when you stop dreaming, it is time to die.’

‘Also, a shortcut requires your full attention. Just because one way is shorter than another doesn’t mean that it will get you to your destination more easily. Let this be a lesson to you. Every path in life deserves the same respect and attentiveness.’

Strange as it is, I think sometimes you have to go away to start loving what you have left behind.’

‘When you have enough love to be able to give some of it to others. When you are grateful, when you share, trust and respect. When you show love to your fellow human beings, to nature, and to all life.’

‘I therefore close my eyes and trust that everything will only happen for the best.’