Notes & Highlights


when you heal yourself, you heal the world

“how did you free yourself?” she answered, “by embracing my own power.”

“why are we here at a time when there is so much misery and despair?” she responded, “because you answered the call. the earth signaled for heroes, and the heavens sent forth the ones who were most ready to grow and unleash their unconditional love. you’re here to shine the light of your own healing, to offer the world the gift of your balance and peace.”

“true power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero, and leader. it is when you share your truth with compassion and peace. your power grows when you make progress in your own freedom and wisdom.

do not confuse self-love with thinking that you’re better than everyone else true self-love is accepting yourself for all that you are, especially the darkest parts

self-love is doing the work we need to do to be free

self-love begins with the acceptance of where we are now and the history we carry, but it does not stop there. self-love is an energy we use for our own personal evolution; it is a meeting and balance of two critically important ideas: loving who we currently are and simultaneously transforming into the ideal version of ourselves.

self-love helps us delve deeply into ourselves and release the patterns in our subconscious that impact our behavior and emotions.