Welcome 2024, Rewind 2023 spoken poetry


Welcome 2024, Rewind 2023 spoken poetry

written on 2023-12-31 by SAURABH JADHAV | poetry

So here is my rewind of 2023 ...

It was a colorful year, We said goodbye to old place and welcome to new place,

I found the most important things I wished for: silence, solitude, and my own space, I said goodbye to my workplace, expected yet at an unexpected time, welcoming new beginnings in my work life,

What I learned from past years is that it's better to surf than suffer,

So, I applied this, surfing through setbacks, proud moments, and even through being cheated,failed maintaining well-wishes despite distances in relationships,

Got unexpected but Sweeetest call, messages, notifications I waited for,

Took crazy steps just to focus on my peace, I created a bulky block list, distanced myself from many friends, and closed some projects to prioritize peace even more,

Financially, it was a good ride too, better than last year, with each step moving in a more positive direction,

I worked hard and consistently, both physically and mentally, towards physical, mental, philosophical, and materialistic goals,

I spent less time overthinking, less time dwelling on what's gone, and less time on what I could have had,

And more time on what I have, what I am grateful for, what I can do, what I can celebrate, and stepping forward rather than dwelling on what could bring me to tears.

Of course, I made many mistakes but maintained a learning attitude from them, and I'm proud of myself for still keeping going,

Carrying this peace-loving mindset into 2024, even though it may seem arrogant, selfish, or inhumane,

But self-love starts with respecting your peace, and I will learn it more step by step.

2023 was a year of major changes in my life, I welcome 2024 with open arms,with evolving self, ready for more changes, ready to surf!

Thank you for everyone who was part of my life in 2023. Happy new year.