written on 2021-01-26 by SAURABH JADHAV | writing


What we really want is to run Run away from routine Run away from life Run away from everything

Why we stayed late at night To delay the ending of day And away from starting Tomorrow’s routine

Why we stick ourselves to mobile Why we get busy in the never ending Social media posts is We hate reality We want to escape reality

Why we want to escape reality is We can’t face ourselves Why we can’t face ourselves Is we fear the real Why?? Ask yourself

Still we want to escape Through words,to songs, Through work, through anxiety, Yes anxiety means running only, If you stop your self in now Anxiety vanishes ,

We can’t stand, we lost in running, We lost our face ,how we look, In all these years,we conditioned ourselves To make infinite faces, but all fake, Who’s real who knows?

What is the last time , You were bathing, and really enjoyed it?