I have scribbled your feelings - Poetry on Love, separation and Healing


I have scribbled your feelings - Poetry on Love, separation and Healing

written on 2021-06-18 by SAURABH JADHAV | writing

Hi readers,

I am Saurabh Jadhav,

Welcome to my blogs,

Today I will tell you about my book,” I have scribbled your feelings: Poetry on Love, Separation and Healing”.

This Book is close to my heart its not just set of words its my heartbeats through seasons.

Summer, Monsoon and winter and love in all and feelings dwelling or setting me high !

Everything is poured in this book!

Let me share one of poem on Poet from book,


and Poet was born,

not from a books

but from experience

and Poet was first seen,

not with holding literature degree in hands

but with holding broken, healed heart in hand

and Poet wrote,

not with language of English nor any other

but with emotions and love he ever and never received.

  • Saurabh Jadhav (“I have Scribbled Your Feelings”)

Poetry On Love

The Book starts with some motivation quotes and small poems in search of dream, and at one point

It start with fresh and fragile glimpses of love , a love never seen, never heard or never felt and in raw way in just few words its expressed this part is what I called Love.

Poetry on Separation

The middle part is of heartbreaking and dark which I called separation In reality the poems starts to get into separation which is tragedy after reading lovely poems abut this poems will touch most inner of your heart.

Poetry on Healing

The end is ... you have to read I called it healing , It will take a roller-coaster of love and hate and hurt and gratefulness to another level.

It will rebuild you the words I took lots of time to write the last poem of book took me more than 15 days to pour into words.

Every word will make you live from burnt ashes.

"I have scribbled your feelings" is collection of poetry about











Believing and Guiding you how to reborn and rise like a phoenix from burned ashes

  • Saurabh Jadhav (“I have Scribbled Your Feelings”)

Thank you for reading and let me know Do you like the book and if you haven’t read yet here’s the book link.

Kindle Version (Whole world):

Kindle Version of I have Scribbled your feelings

Paperback (Only India):

Paperback Version of I have Scribbled your feelings