How to prepare for day when you generally say "I am doing nothing cause I have nothing to do"


How to prepare for day when you generally say "I am doing nothing cause I have nothing to do"

written on 2021-08-11 by SAURABH JADHAV | productivity

hey, this is Saurabh Jadhav again welcome to my productivity blog series. Today we will be discussing about How to prepare for day on which we say we have nothing to do, I'm out of ideas I want to be productive it just nothing coming in my mind and time is going it can be a weekend or long holiday etc or just another day you are free and you want to do something and you are blank and you are wasting it by doing everything like scrolling feeds of social media and end up doing nothing.

So Lets build one habit from today, what you have to do is to have a new file in your desktop or phone. Now what you have to do is to just add anything you wish to do, So you may get ideas when you are working on X thing. So it comes in your mind and you forget later thats our nature.

So there is psychological nature if you act on your in 30 seconds mostly likely you will complete it. So whats better than writing down it. What you have to write? You just have to write it down the small title some description just 1 line to give background about what you were thinking. So whatever you were doing some work outside home etc wherever you are just take 30 seconds to open a phone add the awesome thought in note list in 3-4 words thats it. Do this build this list its okay you havent work on it that day, tomorrow this month. You just have to have your awesome todo- list.

Add Edu-video, yes sometime we find an amazing long documentry on youtube but didnt watch it add link to this list, add skills you thing you needed some tutorials fill the note list with amazing things coming in your mind.

Now if the day have came, you have nothing to do mind is whitish but body is full of energy just open this list, tada !

Your very own list read what you have added to this list, the descriptions what you are suitable with to do, do it enjoy add ass done or in progress if you are in mood of not doing anything want something to watch and social feed showing some cringe reels open links you have stored before enjoy.

This is what i do I have list in my mobile, my laptop you can use software which are syncable generally I used github to store all so I just check my repo.

So lets meet again in next blog. Create your wish-todo-list now.