buy this you will be more productive and better at life and achieve your career


buy this you will be more productive and better at life and achieve your career

written on 2021-08-21 by SAURABH JADHAV | productivity

Hey, I'm saurabh jadhav back again with another blog today we will discuss a habit of us, its analysis of our habit have given my personal examples from 10-15 years of experience.

So let me tell you more about me, Basically I tend to be productive, i wish I would be doing this and this, this should be perfect and more, so whats wrong? nothing here but for that I found many excuses like I dont have this and this etc. I try to seek out a gap so I can avoid progress and tell myself Im not better i cause I lack this.

I say like if I Buy kindle, I will read more books, If I have better mobile I will do better youtube videos, If I have better laptop I will be a better programmer, If i bought capo I will play all songs, if i bought best premium flute i will play most soulful flute, If i bought premium pens my handwriting will be better, If I bought better paintbrush, colors more premium I will draw better also more premium drawing books, If I bought this shoes i Will run faster, If I bought yearly membership of gym I will go daily gym, and many more.........

So Let me tell you the results what happend:

  1. I bought Kindle

    But as I planned Im not reading daily, I planned I will read lot books Im hardly reading for a 5 min a day.

  2. I bought high specs mobile

    I planned for making YT videos and multitasking but I only end scrolling mutiple social media more ram and battery never out of feeds

  3. I bought premium High end laptop

    I bought very high-end laptop which is capable of making 3d games and high softwares, and now Im procastination and getting even lazy to start, first I was fast and machine was slow, now machine is fast but I'm at zero level

  4. I bought capo, new strings

    the songs I added in todo-list for capo are just in some old folder now, i didnt even look i dont start at all learning sitting with just thinking i can start anytime

  5. I bought amazon's premium flute for professionals

    you know what ? 8months past I cant even blow it !

  6. I bought premium notebooks and pens

    whatver I tried i still write the handwriting eveyrone said this is *, cause I never practiced much maybe I dont like to write..

  7. I bought good quality sktechbooks, pencils, paintbrush, colors drawing books

    after buying I stoped painting, and also skecthing!

  8. I bought better running shoes

    they are in dust now, I stopped running

  9. I bought yearly membership of gym

    left it after 1 month now 8 months passed.....

  10. If I bought external mouse I will do better at photoshop

    i didnt even start learning photoshop, while withought mouse, i tried hard to learn and gave excuse of mouse

    and lots of things really lots of is endless I bought endless domains but never wrote a proper blogs on them.....

What is really happening here? its just excuse? no 2 things are going on, I want to learn will is there, I m not following others will nor someone is forcing me to do it now, Its my real will I want to achieve something progress at something, but after buying something which I think was a gap for my progress, I pause myself, I put in my mind that I have this thing I can start learning or progressing anytime.

I never start, understand this situation analyze with your situation.

find gap and work on solution.