I'm not able to write daily but i do have lot of things to share


I'm not able to write daily but i do have lot of things to share

written on 2021-08-09 by SAURABH JADHAV | productivity

Hey, I am Saurabh Jadhav welcome to my blog today we will be talking about how to be productive at writing daily.

So I see myself complaining I'm not writing much, but I do have lot to share, I do have something in my mind I want to convey to world, I do have lot of plannings, self observation I do want to document in some kind of blogs something permanent but I see the folder of blogs is just with single markdown file with title nothing and its empty too.

So what happens when I look back? I see I have forgotten what I wanted to share, what contemplation I have done on some topics and its faded now even just day before yesterday some beautiful topics, well structured productivity ideas I created and its vapourizes in my mind, where it is ? its just gone, I havent documented!

So are you facing same? you want to share something but just not getting a time or you are just delaying it for tomorrow or another day which never comes and you never write.

Set a time

Set a time for daily I have picked up as 9pm or 12am what I have to do? I have to sit for writing at this time to write whatever I have to write I will write at this time ofcourse in anytime in day I feel to write I will write but by any chance if I m missing, So i have to do it at all by this time , sometimes I get caught up in work so I have added 12 am and mostly I came up writing at night only but I do have set time the key here is to not procastinate for tomorrow.

Make you write more - Amazing Trick

So now comes main part whenever you write, so daily you have to set a particular time period in my case its 20 minutes. So either you are in hurry or have lot of time write for 20 minutes atleast.

Now if 20 minutes have passed you can write more as you wish now there is no time-limit and you can stop now too. If you feel like writing, You have time - Write ofcourse its bonus and no waste you can spread as much time you wish.

How this helps?

So Imagine you are in some lazy mood or hurry finally you came at 12 am so just atleast getsome 20 minute and write something so now instead of nothing you will have something in your less crowded writing folder.

Now you have not a good mood or have lot of time too due to habit you set for writing for 20 minutes, you will write more casue 2nd rule is you can expand more if you liking it so once you start something there is more chance of completing this and as while writing you can add more and more to it.

So this is way you can make yourself write daily. Be Productive.