Conversation Between man and his flute - Poetry


Conversation Between man and his flute - Poetry

written on 2023-06-25 by SAURABH JADHAV | poetry

One day a man was sitting after hours of practicing flute tired and then he looked at his flute and...

So a man asked his flute, Do you have any will of your own, and your stopping yourself from doing it because of me? Because I kept blowing you and manipulating your holes to suit my desires,

So if you think I have caged your freedom, you're free to be on your own,

Flute replied, I was just an empty piece of bamboo with no purpose, You ask me, what I wanted to do? Nothing, My will? I never had a will, nor had any dreams to fulfill,

But your breath, your air when it passes through me, and your beautifully placed finger position with an amazing combination, Created a beautiful symphony out of me, A melodious music, out of an empty piece of bamboo like me,

You ask me, you are a burden to me? Without you, I'm worthless, I don't have any music, you are my saragam, you are the reason I have melody and tune, You gave me a life worth living from within yourself.