Anasthesia of pain poetry


Anasthesia of pain poetry

written on 2023-06-16 by SAURABH JADHAV | poetry

When You try to create distance but they dont undestand why ?

He tries to stay far, from loved ones . He belive he is the thorns and they believe he is rose

What is justice for love ?

is love is caring, then wish to stay away to not hurt them, and this created distance by you between them and you , is this justice for love?

Anathesia ? for JOY !

as Anesthesia was taken taken to not feel pain, now you started taking it again to not feel the joy,

because your Scared of even thought of pain coming after joy, with pain you lose joy too.

Hormones and Pleasures !

a persons gland responsible for producing happy harmons was cut off, can he feel joy, pleasure again? or happyness is limited to hormons only